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real estate management

Thanks to our specialists and our network, we support the search for your investment and financing solutions as part of a purchase, lease or sale.

But we also go further by offering a wide range of strategic transactions in real estate investment in both national and international context.


rent of furnished apartments

SWISSEXP SA is an agency that offers a wide selection of furnished apartments for short and long rentals in Switzerland. Our clients are multinationals and expatriates.

We offer furnished and fully equipped with linens and towels, for a short or long term.


business management

The creation of your company through its financing or its administration we are able to advise and assist you with our expertise and our network of specialists.



SWISSEXP specializes in the representation, trading, buying and selling of raw materials, such as: cocoa, coffee, rice, bananas, mangoes and other grains, fruits and vegetables.


But also oil, gas, gold, diamonds, emeralds and other precious metals. We have a very wide range of commodities to offer you, whether you are a large, medium or small buyer or producer.


financial strategy

SWISSEXP specializes in the private management of financial assets and retirement plans. We will guide you to the constitution of your assets whether you are a big investor (from CHF 1,000,000.-), mid-size investor (from CHF 100,000.-), or a small investor (from CHF 100.-).

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Real Estate
Furnished apartments
Business Management
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SWISSEXP.SA is a company specialized in diversified asset management.
Thanks to our experts and the support of an international network, SWISSEXP operates at different levels: real estate, business management, investment exchange, Import / Export ...
Enjoy the seriousness, quality, safety and efficacy of SWISSEXP.




Financial Strategy
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